Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

Gardening season is underway in the Teet household. Once again we have been dealt a bad hand by the elements and were forced to replant everything after "The Great Flood". Even with the late start it is all coming up good now and I'm sure we will have an abundant harvest this year.

I never would have pictured myself as a farming Momma thirteen years ago. David has certainly taught me alot. However, we still have very different ideas of how the garden should look. When we were discussing what should be planted this year we decided to maybe downsize a little bit from years past. Somehow that thought was forgotten somewhere between the planning stage and the planting stage. The pictures below show the main part of the garden. I couldn't even fit it all in one picture!

We have tomatoes, corn, purple hull peas, lima beans, green beans, bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, watermellon and cantaloupe. As you can see from the pictures, we kinda gave up on the corn, It was eaten by crows several times and replanted. After staying so wet and replanting it so many times we have let the grass kind of take over. But I should have it all out of there within the next couple of days... if it will stay dry long enough.

"Go big or go home", should be our family motto. If no one sees me around the middle of August don't worry to much. I'm just picking, shelling, freezing and cooking!

Speaking of cooking, I made something the other night that I have never had before. Zucchini bread. A friend of ours brought us some of their zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers the other day. I was so excited to use the recipe's I had found for zucchini bread on Recipezaar! And of course I am always looking for an excuse to use "Lucy". My handy dandy KitchenAid mixer. Yes, I have named my mixer. Some people name their cars, I name appliances. I would name my car too if I had one cool enough to warrant a name. Sadly all I have is the van and the old truck. One day David will build me a cool muscle car and I will come up with an equally cool name for that. Until then I'm stickin' with Lucy.

Anyway, back to the zucchini bread. It turned out great! So moist and sweet, it was delicious when it was still warm and slathered in butter. The kids weren't sure if they were going to like it or not. After all, it did have green vegetables in it. In the end though, the smell coming from the oven won them over and they tried it. It received two thumbs up...

I still have some zucchini left and another recipe to try. This one is for chocolate zucchini bread...sounds good huh? If you find yourself looking for a recipe for zucchini bread I would highly recommend the one I used the other night. It is recipe #3877 on "Fabulous Zucchini Bread".


  1. Might have to try it. I want the recipe you were talking about at Sisters, it was some kind of cake. I know it was a new recipe and I think it had raspberries in it. Jennifer

  2. Wow--way to go on the garden. Looks really neat and pretty all lined up in a row!!

    Glad to know you are a professional because I need some tips. I am going to be buying from our local farmer's market and will need any tips or help you can send my way. My mom used to can, but of course I was just shelling the peas not really paying close attention to her canning skills.

    Anyway, hope to see you sometime this summer--we have hopes to make it to Selmer.

    love and blessings,